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Model Engineering

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Let me welcome you to the home page of the web site is a photo gallery of my handmade model engines, machines and workshop, made from my most recent digital images.  There are lots of pages filled with pictures and I hope there will will be more of these to follow soon.

There are steam plants and gas engines as well as a couple of more unusual types.
I have also included photos taken during construction of some models.

One of my early projects made using a lathe, a file and a hand drill

miniature one-inch swing, scale model lathe loosely based on an early Mk.4 Unimat

I have been encouraged by so many of you in past from your response to my old Engineman site, that I feel inspired to take the more popular subjects from that site as well as any future projects and present them on this new space.  This will also allow an opportunity to bypass some of my previous pages that were designed for viewing on the older monitors with lower resolution.  The links at the bottom of this page lead to many finished pages (and some incomplete ones) containing plenty more images of completed projects and construction details as well as my workshop and tools.  Within this site, pages-will-lead-to-pages and you should be able to get lost among them. However there will always be a link back to the main page of each topic - and usually one directly back here as well.  In any case, there are links at the bottom of every main topic page to this home page, so you are never more than two clicks from escape.


My models include this handmade miniature lathe.

The models and pages of this site were made just for fun, and in that same spirit I invite you to join me as you browse through these pages of photos accompanied by my comments.

If you wish to see the pictures as I do, you should be able to see all 26 graduations on the scale below.
At the very least, the adjacent graduations at both ends should be equally easy to discern.
Of course the background should be pure black - not dark gray.

Most monitors contrast and brightness settings should allow these adjustments.
Laptop and netbook covers can be tilted appropriately. Room lighting may have a considerable effect.


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Steam Tug

Golden No.1

Stirling Engine

Overcrank Engine

Side Paddle Engine

A Miniature Blowtorch

The Naphtha Launch Engine

Stuart Compound Launch Engine

   The Imperial Marine Gasoline Motor  *

Hydraulic Elevator Powered by Steam

A Restoration of an Antique Model Engine

   Miniature D-type Watertube Steam Boiler Plant  *




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