Hydraulic Elevator

August 2010.

A Steam powered

Miniature Hydraulic Elevator

John R. Bentley 2010.

For a number of years my old Engineman website has had reference to this project accompanied by four small pre-digital pictures.  I added this page which includes some later images that were made after the rope rigging was installed.  These I hope will soon become the nucleus of a page(s) with a discription of my model - a representation of those magnificent machines of the late 19th and early 20th century.

There is some repetition among these images, as well as a lack of a good overall view - and of course a description of this interesting project.  This is turning out to be an enjoyable, yet busy summer and autumn for me, so I will ask for your patience in righting these matters.   I have a lot of explaining to do.   - John


© John R. Bentley 2010.