October 2007.

1986 Taig Micro Lathe

The topic of this page will be my original Taig lathe.  I have some older images of it looking as it was when many of my earlier model engines were constructed.  I also will try to get some good shots of the lathe in its present condition and hope to put it back into operation in my workshop.  Any future modifications will of course become the subjects of this page.

The lathe is presently idle, I have transferred all modifications to the new Taig with the exception of the 60-hole division plate.  Presently the lathe looks surprisingly like it did the day I purchased it many years ago...it has countless stories tell, yet perhaps it is only at the begining of what may be a very long lifetime.

In the past few years, I have replaced a few components as part of a routine maintenance schedule - I doubt it was actually necessary, but it was in part for cosmetic reasons (I do take a lot of close photos for my website and email purposes).  The pieces replaced were: spindle/bearing assembly (but not headstock extrusions), carriage pinion/handwheel and the cross slide extrusion.

Thanks for your patience,

PS: There are a number of pages on this site about my new, almost identical Taig.  Click Here



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