Apr. 7, 2008.

John R. Bentley 2008.

Stack and Smokebox

From the Naphtha Engine's Flash Boiler - constructed from the 1887 patent drawings of Frank W. Ofeldt

The top was turned from a very large brass nut
The brass pipe is in correct scale with the prototype - it was made from a standard 1.5" kitchen sink drain


Note in this picture that the stack band is loose as it not yet attached

A piece of Flowering Crab for the smokebox form

Applewood is close-grained and quite hard

Smokebox dimension marked out in pencil

(I rubbed beeswax into it while it was spinning)

Two-inch brass tubing scavenged from our old bathtub drain/stopper/shower

Cutting a suitable length in the horizontal bandsaw

Ready to start!

Annealing the pipe - for the first of a dozen times

Squishing the pipe in the bench vise to the maximum required diameter

Pounding it over the form

Looks like a piece of Babylonian pottery!

Screwed on to the form - and put back in the lathe for finishing

Polished up a bit, awaiting trimming to proper length

The underside

There will actually be an inner liner of stainless steel at the base of the stack
( and an insulating lining inside the smokebox to reduce heat discoloration )

Mocked up in position over the vaporizer assembly

Finished Stack and smokebox

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