Oct 24, 2006.

John R. Bentley 2006.

theTaig Micro Mill 
in the workshop

This is my TA-2018 Taig manual mill. It has been in my workshop since Nov 10, 2003. The original head has since been replaced with the new style Taig ER-16 head. I have lots of pictures on file of this machine in action. This is a huge topic and it will take me considerable time to even cover a few of the more interesting aspects.

Meanwhile I have put a few pictures here showing my drilling attachment as well as some close-up views of the ER-16 collet head.

It is interesting that this nut is more than it appears. In order to allow the collet to remain still whle the nut is screwed on to the spindle a good internal bearing is required. In this model separate ball bearings are contained inside. Have a look  here.

I received a Sherline boring head as a gift and made a quick adaptation to allow it to be used on my Taig mill. It simply required turning the tapered Morse No.1 integral shank on the head to a 3/8" parallel shank to suit an ER collet for the Taig. For the results click below:


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